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What is Marital Mediation  

Marital Mediation is a process that uses mediation to increase marital satisfaction. Using a third-party neutral mediator, couples create a mediated agreement which serves as a template for future interactions and behaviors that adresses areas of conflict in the relationship. Marital Mediation may be appropriate when:  

  • Traditional marriage counseling would feel uncomfortable or inappropriate
  • Time limitations require more concrete, immediate solutions rather than in-depth explorations
  • Success in future interactions depends on learning more effective negotiation and communication skills in the present
  • Couples are conflicted about which path to take: separation/divorce, or reconciliation

Marital Mediation offers an alternative to both marital therapy (that may require extensive time to develop therapeutic insights) and to the religious orientation of pastoral counseling; it is designed to develop concrete solutions in a shorter period of time. As a mediator experienced in psychology and communication, using techniques developed over decades in the field of dispute resolution, I help couples resolve family conflicts that could lead to separation if left unattended. Examples of such conflicts include: 

  • financial disputes
  • parenting responsibilities
  • allocation of household tasks
  • intimacy issues
  • communication stalemates
  • career conflicts
  • extramarital affairs
  • conflicts in religious practices
  • living arrangement conflicts
  • family/friend relationship conflicts  


  • Reduce marital conflict
  • Protect children from stress
  • Avoid unnecessary separation and divorce
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Clarify the future marital path that conflicted couples face

Marital Mediation: A Psychological Perspective (10/13)

Susan K. Boardman

Marital Mediation: An Emerging Area Of Practice (5/18/09)

Susan K. Boardman, John Fiske, Laurie Israel, Ken Neumann

This article describes the process of “Marital Mediation” as a relatively new field of family mediation, designed to keep couples together using established family mediation techniques. Previously many of these techniques were used solely in divorce mediation. We begin by describing what the process involves, how it differs from both couples counseling and divorce mediation, and why we believe it often works for couples when counseling has not. We also discuss suggestions for promoting the development of Marital Mediation using both research and marketing techniques.

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